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Ultima 5: Lazarus - Enhanced Graphics Mod v 1.0 released
Ultima 5 Lazarus is a total conversation mod for Dungeon Siege™. It was released at the end of December 2005 by team Lazarus. It recreates the great feeling ofUltima 5 Lazarus Logo grand old Ultimas like Ultima 6 + 7. Every RPG and Ultima fans who ownes a copy of Dungeon Siege should go and grab it. It is completely free!

Nevertheless when I first played the game I felt the urge to improve some of the textures. Not that the original ones where really bad, I just thaught that they can be improved.
I already retextured the castle of Lord British, the throne, some carpets, paintings, doors, beds and also created some new 3D models for chairs, cabinets and tables. On my To-Do-List for part one of my mod are the ship textures and a few other small things. You can expect a release till the end of June 2006.

The mod only replaces textures and existing 3D models. There will be no changes to any ingame logic like story, quests, characters and so on. What I did was just aiming for a graphical overhaul.

Have Fun - Yours
Marcus aka XiDragon
July 2006

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Following a render of some furniture I made for this mod using GMax.

The following picture shows the new art of the throne room in the castle of Lord
British in Ultima 5 Lazarus,
using textures I created.

Following a picture of the original art of the throne room in Ultima 5 Lazarus.

And last but not least some new door textures.
Highres door textures for Morrowind
Mustang textures for Track Mania™
A Pentagram for the Dungen Siege™ Engine
An Ankh I made using GMAX + Photoshop for the Neverwinter Nights™ and Dungeon Siege™ Engine

Pictures of the above Ankh in the Dungeon Siege™ engine
Ankh with ivy at it's foot
Ankh with platform
Tyre and car textures for Nascar Racing 2002 

Heraldic for an UO guild
Tree replacements for Ultima 7 Exult


A logo and some clothes for a fansite of The Sims 2
xSIMS - logo and skins/textures
Font Mod for Europa Universalis
Created a new font :: left the original font and right the one I created
A logo for a MS-Flightsimulator fan website
Some logo's for an ebay shop
A logo for a gamers website

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Marcus S.
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